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Last chance to vanquish the crows.

Magnus Chase has never been the type to fit in. Right before his mother was killed in their apartment, she told him to run. Ever since many people have blamed him for the death of his mother.

Mess Matz is a unique mat perfectly designed to keep your surfaces mess free.


Doctor Strange is by far one of the more strange things that has been created recently.

 Raffa stumbles across a wounded bat. He thinks that a vine that his mother once used might heal the bat which he names Echo.

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival acquired sculptures, paintings, foods, drinks, activities for children and adults alike, and theatrical acts.

The fun-loving and adorable Disney depiction of Tarzan is not an ideal comparison you should host in your mind as you go to see the Legend of Tarzan in theaters this

Wren Mathews is an ordinary girl, but she is thrown into a wonderful, magical world of fiddlers and more. 


With blossoming petals of three and more than twenty different varieties in Colorado alone, these flowers may just take your mind off the winter cold and get you into the warm world of orchids.

Kyle and his teammates are back in the funny, quirky sequel to the New York Times Bestseller: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. Now, Kyle and his friends must re-claim their winning title from the earlier game; but this time, against bookworms from all over the country in the sequel, Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics, by Chris Grabenstein.

The Maxi-Micro Scooter engineered by Swiss inventors is the newest scooter from Micro Kickboard. Unlike some other scooters, this scooters has three wheels, two in the front, and one in the back. It comes in various colors such as orange, blue, green, pink, and purple and can be found at various sellers, such as Target, Amazon, and microkickboard.com from around $100-$150. The scooter comes out of the box nearly ready to use and takes only a few minutes to assemble; all you have to do is screw on the squeezable and grippy handlebars and adjust the height. The scooter is adjustable from 690 to 920 mm and fits ages 5+, but the weight limit is 50 kg, so teenagers most likely can’t ride on it. Plus, it is pretty light, so a young child could carry it themselves, if needed.

New Sherlock Holmes exhibit bound to impress!

Puzzles have been around for centuries and have only gotten better as time goes on. They’ve progressed from simple cardboard jigsaw pieces to more complicated pieces made of all kinds of materials. Unique types of puzzles have sprung up as well, like the Rubix cube, crossword, and countless others. They’re great for everyone and there’s nothing quite like sitting down and trying to solve a problem.

When Zach Cooper moves to the small town of Greendale, Maryland, he finds an unexpected surprise.  

“EllRay Jakes, the Recess King” by Sally Warner. Illustrated by Brian Biggs.
This is book 8 in the series of the adventures of EllRay Jakes, an 8 year old third grader at Oak Glenn Elementary School in California.
EllRay Jakes lives in the suburbs and needs spare best friends because he is down to only 1 ½ friends. 

Young Ada Smith has never set foot outside her oneroom apartment.

In the latest installment of the Mission Impossible series, “Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation,” Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt, an agent for the Impossible Mission Force (IMF).

The war is the thing that started the Gods’ rage. But this war is the type that some God in particular loves, that he can’t do anything but join in…that is Ares, The God of War.

Even in his old age Joan Miro could create amazing sculptures and paintings but he would never let his creativity vanish. At the Denver Art Museum you can experience the Joan Miro: Instinct and Imagination exhibit through June. Miro’s sculptures were very creative like how he made them completely out of found objects such as garden tools, screws and much more.

Becky Rohr is selling clothing and accessories to fund for student in Uganda.

Chocolate lovers enjoyed a hands-on workshop where nearly all of their senses experienced chocolate every step of the way!

Chris Soentpiet visited the CCIRA conference in Denver Colorado

Melanie Crowder has finished her new book Audacity and she has learned a lot.

 The magic is running out at the museum.