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Articles in "Theater"

A whinnying play!

Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” is about two men who became friends in the army during World War II. After the war, the two friends make it big in show business. Soon they meet a sister act, and all four characters embark on an adventure to Pine Tree Vermont. There, they go to Columbia Inn, which their former general owns. Unfortunately, the inn is going broke. Can they save it? Watch this hilarious musical to find out for yourself!

Come see Littleton Dance Academy and Littleton Youth Ballet's production of the Nutcracker December 1 and 2.

The Sleeping Beauty ballet production follows the story written and published by Charles Perrault in 1697, not the Disney movie.

When the curtain rose in the cozy 200-seat Ricketson Theatre, I was instantly captivated by the lack of color and emotion in the set and the cast members of the play, The Giver.

If you love to act and put on shows, Missoula Children’s Theatre is the summer activity for you!

Heritage Square's performance breathes life into a tired tale!

Open the Cave of Wonders with the magic words, "Iftah ya simsim!" and step into the world of the "Arabian Nights" with Heritage Square.

Heritage Square Children's Theatre continues its great tradition of delighting children of all ages with its annual Christmas play.

Have you ever thought that Christmas was a Bah Humbug?

Katherine Hueston writes, The 'Nutcracker' is a lively story about a 12-year-old girl named Clara who lives in the late 1800's and receives a n...

Katherine Hueston writes, Les Miserables is a musical that is currently playing at the Denver Center for the Performing arts.

Lauren Huttner writes, Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids is a theater camp for kids who age from 8-15 years old.

Hannah Billerbeck writes, A "Comedy of Errors" is good for all ages.

Marie Lankenau writes, Showcases are deceiving: Displayinghealthy performers gallantly leaping before an attentive audience...

Maddie Solomon writes, Everyone knows about Scrooge and Marley...

Anna Brandner writes, The Nutcracker is a ballet with music by Tchaikovsky.

Bridget Galaty writes, "Shrek - the Musical" just arrived at the Denver Performing Arts Center.

Cambria Pilger writes, Oliver at the CandleLight Dinner Playhouse is an amazing show!

"Miss Nelson is Missing" is a musical play about a lady named Miss Nelson who is a...