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Articles in "Toys"

Have you ever wanted to shoot a bow and arrow?

Here is a different way to style your Zelf's hair!

Are you a Nerf fan? If so, you would enjoy the new Nerf Vortex Blaster. Unlike original Nerf products, this blaster shoots disks rather than darts.

Glitzi Globes are a sure "yes"  for those of younger age.

If you like basketball you’ll love The Nerf Cyber Hoop.

Nerf's Blazin' Bow Blaster is not as fun as advertised.

A great toy for action and battle lovers!

 This camera can project the photos you took on a wall.  You can even make a slide show and add a silly effect such as crazy hair or even dog face!

Glitter is the gift that keeps on giving. 

The Playskool Elefun Push Along toy is a fun toy for toddlers!

Looking for a fun Littlest pet shop to play with?

Learn the alphabet with the help of this terrific toy!

You plug your car in, smiling as it charges. Its humming sound fills your ears and the lights glow brightly. You count, "One, two, three, four, five.... On  your  marks, get set, go!" And they're off!

     With Christmas coming up, you might need a toy for a young kid. "Cityville Invasion Skyscraper Mayhem" (made by Kre-O) is a good toy for children, who would enjoy making a Lego skyscraper and defending it from evil villains. 

Here's a horrible Christmas present!

It's holiday time and games are always a good choice for a gift.

For young My Little Pony fans, this is a great present. However, for anybody who has played with other train track sets (like Thomas the Tank Engine), this will probably get boring very soon.

Game developer Zynga has teamed with Hasbro and turned its most popular online game, CityVille, into a Monopoly board game.   

A review of Littlest Pet Shop Walkables Slide N' Dive Lagoon.

When some people think of juggling, they think of clowns and other circus acts.  But when soccer players think of it, they think about control and a soccer ball.

Remote controlled Beyblades make a lot of noise but have little added fun.

My take on the Playmobile Jungle Gym.

I have a toy that should be taken off the the Xmas wish list -- the Kre-O Transformers.

Alma Younger writes, Do you have a sibling who loves to take your things or do you just plain out love to spy?