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Articles in "Travel"

Victoria Pumilio writes, Alex Van Helsing is a troubled fourteen year old boy.

Ryan Shea writes, Most of us travel to and from Denver, our states capital.

Looking for the perfect family vacation or a taste of Mexico? Santa Fe, New Mexico may be your answer.

Jade Fitt writes, Welcome to Yellowstone where the skies are blue, the flowers are in bloom and the animals run free.

Sylvie Lamontagne writes, In the alpine tundra of Colorado, snowfall is possible any day of the year.

Carien Hoogwater writes, I'm visiting my family in the Netherlands, a small country in Europe (close to Germany, Belgium and the UK).

Erin Moriarty writes, Mom and I went on a vacation to Northern California this summer and saw some amazing sights.

Joy Foster writes, Many people like to go on relaxing, beautiful, and fun-filled vacations when school gets out.

Alyssa Quiett writes, In the winter, we all go skiing at Winter Park but now they've redone for summer fun!

Natalie Bollig writes, Sliding down rocks covered with algae is actually quite fun.

Alyssa Quiett writes, I got a chance to go to Georgetown and go on an adventure ride while getting to explore the beautiful and historic town.

Mia Malden writes, The drive from Denver to Pueblo is beautiful.

Brytin Staab writes, Grand Lake is a small community, and is very merry.

New York is a great city.

Kaley Barnes writes, Imagine a canyon so amazing it takes your breath away, but it's filled with water! Lake Powell fits this description.

Meghan Sharma writes, Summer break is full of so many wonderful things: being with your friends...

Antonio Norton writes, Just a few miles away from Idaho Springs, a small town called Georgetown finds its place in the Colorado mountains.

Antonio Norton writes, In the minds of fellow Denver visitors this small city resting at around one mile high above sea level has big things bu...

Caroline Riley writes, Taking a walk through downtown denver is a melting pot of unpredictable weather, historical architecture and character.

Kyler Goslee writes, My Grandma Gail, my mom's mom, played some cool summer games when she was 9.

Laura Jo Carney writes, About two weeks ago I went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park just south of Pueblo, CO.

Dannika Harris writes, Do you believe in Aliens? Well, if you do, then you should check out Roswell, New Mexico.

Marie Lankenau writes, THE MOREyou know, the farther away you seem to stand from uncovering the truth.

Allyson Malecha writes, "Disney Nature's African Cats" features many extraordinary animals and their children.