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Ruby and Olivia is fun filled with ghosts and girls trying to solve a mystery of a creepy house. Both are complete opposites what could go wrong?

“You May Already Be A Winner” by Ann Dee Ellis takes place in Utah. It is about Olivia, who lives in Sunny Pines Trailer Park.

Seventh grade girl, Beatrix Lee, has an interesting year in “The Way to Bea,” by author Kat Yeh. 

Regardless of whether people intentionally listened for it in the news or not, the horrors that have been happening in Africa and the Middle East are well known.

"The Losers Club" written by Andrew Clements is a story following the first couple weeks of Alec's 6th grade struggle of having a addiction of reading popular books.

Transcendent, a book written by Katelyn Detweiler, is a book about a 17 year old girl named Iris, who had just heard about Disney world being bombed by terrorists, and people are suspicing of her being a child of a virgin who could help alot of people.

Lucy and Andy return in a poorly conceived comic book.

The Bonaventure Adventures by Rachelle Delaney, a wonderful story of friendship and hardship. 

Follow charlie on his way to find his dead cousin.

An inspiring story about 9/11

Although Blake Bates, a Rock Canyon High School student shaved his hair off during Wish Week to demonstrate support for Hope, a child with a life threatening condition, he didn’t realize that he was deserving of a wish as well. Taking into account his frequent stays at Children’s hospital and severity of his seizures, his mom submitted a wish referral inquiry to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Recently, he was granted a wish because he too has a potentially life threatening health condition. 

Stella Rodriguez is a pretty average girl, she wants to work at NASA, has a whole bunch of curiosity, and badly wants a dog. But when a black hole follows her home it might be a little more to handle than the dog she wanted.

Several inspiring female medical physicists motivated 16 children attending “Med Phys Wiz Kidz Program” to keep in mind the possibilities of being a life saving medical physicist.


Celia Peréz's First Rule of Punk reminds you to always be yourself, even through the tough times. 

Happy 141st Birthday to Colorado! It may be the 38th State, but it’s the first in our hearts. On August 1st, 1876, Ulysses S. Grant admitted Colorado into the Union.

Imagine going through life not remembering what happened the day before. "The One Memory Of Flora Banks" by Emily Barr is about a seventeen year old girl who has amnesia. 

An assistance dog is someone who helps the disabled. They stand by their owners whenever they need them. How do these wonderful dogs get trained for their life of helping people?

Have you been downtown lately?

Looking for a place in nature that you can relax and get active?

I hope that you don’t get trampled by a rhino!

The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley follows the story of 12 year old Ada Smith after the events described in the preceding novel The War That Saved My Life.

Without editing, videos could look plain and sometimes boring, here you can find the basics of how to edit your videos.

Learn all About the King Center and its halls. 

Tyler Ramirez

 et al.

Mountain Men were people who traded the Indians and Manufacturers for items they needed and wanted ,And known for their trapping skill.