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Deanne Pytlinski took us on a short tour of some of the artwork at the Denver Auraria Campus Student Success Building. Outside the building were two benches made by a student. 

If you have not heard about the Pike's Peak Gold Rush, then check out this article to find out more about it.

Photography and film. Both footage of real events. There are many tricks and complications made in photography and film. The result can amaze you, but what do people like professor Amend do to make you become star struck at the result.

Journalism campers find art lurking on campus

Learning to edit video footage can be very complicated to make a great film. But you can still create amazing work with just a few easy skills. Professor Amend from Metropolitan State University shows how a few simple editing tricks can make a video clip as exciting as an action movie!

Dylan Greer

 et al.

Water pollution in Denver is becoming a major issue. We need to conservate water for future generations, but other people have different ideas.

Find out some of the history of MSU art made by students.

Grace Suchomski

 et al.

A story of two ladies working at a Nature and Science History Museum of Denver to teach 3rd, 4th, 5th, graders.

Technology is everywhere around the world. Whether it's looking up a question or finding directions technology is an important part of many people’s lives.

Music in the King Center was very entertaining and heart warming to listen to. Two people Guy and Laetitia (pianists) rely on the King center to become the stars they can become.

Chansing storms, early birding, weather predecting, just a day in the life of a meterorologist!

Cora Delmonico

 et al.

Holly Arnold Kidney wrestled a bear, slept with one and grew up at Bent’s Fort replica. As an adult, she still tells tales about the bear today.

The student success building in Metro State University of Denver holds many treasures, but not of gold and silver. 

Meteorologists Becky Ditchfield and Cory Reppenhagen passed down their knowledge from generations before, about Meteorology down to seven eleven year olds at Metropolitan State University in Denver for a summer camp on journalism. Maybe these few children will grow up with this knoledge and become meteoroligists as well.

The industrial design program at the Metropolitan State University in Denver offers atudents opportunities to create efficient products through problem solving.  

 9th street is a street located on the Auraria Campus. On this street, Professor Amend gives a group of kids a tour, telling them the history of the place and of each building. 

the struggles of a local meteorologist.

Youth Journalism campers from team 5, visit Auraria Library to discover the future of libraries.

Video editing is a great hobby if you love computers and making great videos and pictures.

  Industrial Designers do more than designing the product itself, it includes several different steps and skills developed over a period of time.

 Do you want to keep digital or paperback books?

Ever wonder why we have cars? Phones? Hairdryers? Take a look at why we have all these things and what would happen if we didn’t have this stuff. 

In Denver Colorado there is a little town that is called Ninth street.

Each house has a distinct difference that makes it stand out on its own.