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It’s a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and chocolate is bountiful in the stores. You turn on the TV to The Seven Show, with a troubling report. They have found a prophecy ordaining that by this Sunday, all chocolate will disappear! Jennifer “Jelly Welly” Wellington lives in the town of Chompton-on-de-Lyte, the world’s biggest chocolate hub. Long story short, chocolate is the life of the town and even the thought of no more chocolate is enough to send the entire town into hysterics. Students and teachers alike munch on the remaining bars, as the flow of chocolate slows and finally, no more chocolate is being shipped to stores anywhere. Is the Chocopocalypse an elaborate and well-executed plot? Or is it real? Welcome to the world of “The Chocopocalypse!”

Have you ever seen a surf monkey?

"This is our Constitution" is a great book about a legendary document, the Constitution.

It's a puzzlement why The King and I is so good!

We all know the amazingly famous story The Wizard of Oz, but do you know it from a dog’s perspective? 

 How much would you risk to let others know the real truth? Your company? Your reputation? Your life?

 That question is asked in WestPort, a game that circles around the idea of censorship in the news...and “fake news.” This is a game made for anybody who has been worried about who controls the news.

Will Kostakis’, American debut novel, The Sidekicks is an exploration of grief. Although that may sound heavy, Kostakis weaves in all aspects of friendship, sexuality, internal thoughts, and family to create a story that is lighthearted and hopeful.

Join Andi in her fight to save her galaxy, Mirabel!

Imagine if you could travel back in time. If you ever do, it might be useful to have a guidebook with you!

Nail polish. I don’t use this stuff (at least not yet). Having confessed that, I don’t want you to think this will influence my review of this toy, which is all about nail polish.

A chat with a Colorado's own Disney on Ice skater!

Rinos, snakes, and elephants, oh my!

Mount Olympus just got WiFi.

If you could travel back in time and meet historical figures would you say yes? What if the price was no longer having your memory? Well Gertie Milk didn't have a choice. She enjoyed the thrill of having the privilege, but she couldn't get over the fact of knowing that her family would never return to her. 

episode VIII of the Star Wars saga is finally out, and The Last Jedi definitely lives up to the hype.

A movie that celebrates the power of being different 

A Burly bull named Ferdinand-played by John Cena- must decide between living easy on a flower farm, or going back to El Casa Del Toro to save his freinds from a death in the ring.

Should you get a pet for the holidays? Find out in this article.

A fairytale-like world, with a twist.. Meet Pig, in The Dam Keeper by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi.

The Botanic Gardens long running and amzing light set up.

A sneak peak behind the scenes of what its like to be a part of the denver local fox news 31 station!

It can’t cook for you or do your homework, but Cue is an exciting new robot toy from Wonder Workshop that can do amazing things.

With bright colors and pictures, Sarah Albee manages to take the dark topic of poison and make it into a fun and "venom-enal" read with her new book “Poison.” Throughout the book, she talks about the many different types of poison, such as the ones found in the earth, like arsenic, to the ones we create, like rat poison.

Fidget spinners were the viral toy for several months. Thumb Chucks and Spinbladez follow this vibe. Thumb Chucks are hand sized nunchucks with light up bouncy balls on the end of the rope.