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Michael Havenar writes, It's time to hit the theatre and catch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie, TMNT.

Joanna Schumacher writes, Imagine, a student has just spent around six hours at what is considered their job, otherwise known as school.

Chris Porto writes, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters is the newest installment of the long-running series for the PS2 and PSP.

Joanna Schumacher writes, During the Depression, times were unpredictable, suffering, and a difficult struggle.

Jordon Davis writes, The 11-12 basketball team at the Glenarm Recreation Center, in Denver, ended their regular season 7-0.

Alexia H. writes, Parents won't let you have a dog even though you really want one?

Ben Dant writes, If you liked the movie 'Santa Clause 3' then you'll love the game for gameboy advance.

Felicia Pichulo writes, The Last Unicorn is a magical movie about a unicorn who goes in search of others like her.

Chris Porto writes, Could this be the James Bond flick everyone's been waiting for?

Felicia Pichulo writes, Halloween NightDark night,Spooky trees,Halloween night is all you can please.

Jarratt Townsend writes, This is a great book that kids of all ages will love to read.

Haley Rogers writes, Have you ever been skiing in the back country? If you haven't, it is a great way to enjoy our Colorado Mountains.

Davis Anderson writes, Get on your space alien hunting gear because the aliens are invading the universe of clay!

Alexia H. writes, In "That's So Raven, Psychic On the Scene" you must try and figure out who is sabotaging the theater.

Davis Anderson writes, Shining...

Joanna Schumacher writes, Keenesburg...

Davis Anderson writes, Are you in deep need of some great brain candy?

Joanna Schumacher writes, Lakewood, Colorado- Nestled in an old part of Lakewood is a wonderful organization, called the Santa Shop.

Madison Paige Jones writes, Avatar The Last Air Bender The Complete Book 1 Collection is about Aang.

Joanna Schumacher writes, The rising heat from the radiant sun shines down on my cheek.

Davis Anderson writes, Have you been looking for a fantastic book with a dramatic plot, a cunning adventure, and amazing fantasy?

Chris Porto writes, World renowned architect and designer for the new Frederic C.

Paige Ostwald writes, Imagine living in a society with hover cars, talking walls, and technology like there's no tomorrow.

Sara Hiner writes, Title: Disney's Little Einsteins Company: BVG Games Type of Game: Adventure/Learning System Requirements: Game Boy Adva...