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Bailey Cross writes, Grade: BThe Tick and his trusty sidekick Arthur are at it again, fighting evil in season 2 of "The Tick".

Kelle Eck writes, If there was a prize for the silliest dog, it would go to my very cute, unique puppy, Lexy.

Orion Pilger writes, At www.

Sierra Goldie writes, Have you ever been searching the web and not been able to find anything to do? Well I have the solution!

Rachel Faulkner writes, While thumbing through a stack of ancient books in my aunt's attic four years ago...

Jessica Cardall writes, Miss Nelson is Missing is the latest children's theater play at the Arvada Center.

Jessica Cardall writes, Have you ever wondered how each state joined the Union?

Jessica Cardall writes, Copper is a small, brown, stuffed puppy with a tan belly and tan paws.

Chase Hoven writes, Every person in the world has a favorite animal.

Mary Anne Porto writes, Are you ready to check out nature with the Explorer-Ops Trek Pak?

Tony Yin writes, This Labor Day weekend, my parents and I went to the largest stupa in North American, the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya.

Susan Cheng writes, Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to hear, but you parents are deaf?

Eliza Halpin writes, Webkinz is an interactive website that allows you to play games, garden, and chat online.

Allyson Malecha writes, Rating 4 ½ stars out of 5Right now you are probably wondering, "What is I-cy?

Allyson Malecha writes, Miss Nelson is Missing The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities is offering a play for children this fall titled...

Allyson Malecha writes, Made you Look" by Shari Graydon and illustrations by Warren ClarkRating 4 stars out of 5.

Elise Collins writes, "Where did Miss Nelson go?

Eliza Halpin writes, I have an Easy Bake oven and a set of tools.

Ashley Achee writes, Little Mermaid: Behind the ScenesAshley AcheeOn Friday the twenty fourth I was lucky enough to attend the Little Mermaid gala...

Christine Samson writes, Kenny Ortega: director and choreographer Peter Barsocchini: writerMain Cast:Zac Efron as Troy Bolton Vanessa Anne Hudgen...

Orion Pilger writes, Toy Rating: CI got a Nerf Buzzsaw.

Christine Samson writes, "Hannah Montana Pop Star Profile"Company: DisneyDirector: David Kendall...

Annika Reuter writes, Who likes to go to the theater? I know I do!

Julia Beatty writes, Are you looking for a great history exhibit? Then the Arvada History Museum is the place for you.