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Kristin Tosch writes, I wentaround Arapahoe community college interviewing people and asking them what kinds of pets they had and why they liked it.

Lindsay Lundberg writes, It takes a lot to become a journalist, and that's why we came today.

T Paige writes, Emily Rosebrook is a 12 year old and she goes to school in Littleton, CO.

Davis Anderson writes, Art is one of the creative ways that allows you to express yourself through materials like paper...

Allyson Malecha writes, When I walked into the Kalidescope Art Gallery I immediately started looking for abstract art.

Ashley Windom writes, Journalism DayWe were ready for today, ready to learn the skills to be a journalist.

T Paige writes, I had a very interesting interview this afternoon.

Meaghan Payne writes, Joseph Kerski teaches Geo Science to grades three-eight.

Charlotte Renken writes, In the garden on the west side of the Arapahoe comunity collage...

Erica Rozman writes, The art gallery, one word, GORGEAOUS!

Caroline Jarecke writes, Today I met Carly.

Lauren Mitchell writes, In prediction of Steven Kalmon...

Hannah Duran writes, Hey, do you want to know something amazing? Some collage students did a study about information.

Will O'Bryan writes, The world is changing very fast...

Makenna Bishop writes, About the lecture:Steven Kolman made a very interesting point about how the internet is changing the world.

Kelly Ragan writes, Chaos provides a medium to learning; through chaos comes the need to learn and therefore chaos is the creator of new...

Isabel Vandemoer writes, The earth is changing quickly, and technology is driving the next wave.

Meimei Lang writes, You may think you need to be a great writer or a fast typer to become a Journalist.

Tristan Davolt writes, Standing 150 feet tall and 185 feet across, Gutzon Borglum created an awesome monument known as Mount Rushmore.

Zoe Dinneen writes, Wispy fingers stretch to the sky but their dreams are held back by a vine and their fantasies are grounded.

Danielle Turner writes, Dream or RealityBy: Danielle TurnerAs the wind and thunder shook the sky...

Sylvie N. writes, A paradise for hope...

Ryan Mellin writes, In Colorado there is one plant you should avoid.

Emma Carroll writes, It's the beginning of summer and your parents are busily packing duffels and assuring you that you will have so much fun.