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B.A. Frade's Tales from the Scaremaster: Swamp Scarefest is perfect for people with a sense of humor and could take a good scaring.

You can learn things from dogs too. It’s not just humans who have brains . . .

Need a ride to the airport?

The Uncommoners: The Crooked Sixpence by Jennifer Bell is a  suspense-packed roller coaster ride into a world where a vacuum cleaner can fly, candles are an invisibility tool, and a yo-yo is a defense mechanism. In the underground city of Luminor, almost every object has a hidden talent.

Living the life of a mercenary isn’t complicated. You fight other people’s battles for them and then get payed a generous sum. You can get hired for many things such as finding weapons, saving some lives, and ending others. But what happens once you stumble across a war worth fighting?

T.A. Barron explains what a real hero is and his own experiences.

Are you ready to go through time?

Have you ever been frozen in a block ice? If so, these guys are experienced and can chisel you out.

Meeting author Michael Shoulders at CCIRA!!!

Candles, tamales, jewelry, cupcakes, candy, crepes, pasta, samosas, burritos, Oh my!

Kate Messner an award winning author is passionately curious and makes her readers wonder.  

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators is a volunteer organization, with many different kinds of authors.

The Lego Batman Movie is a light hearted romp with a touching deeper meaning and a hilarious adventure. Starting quite satirically, the whole movie is a laugh riot of quick paced humor.

Wouldn't you be excited to live on Mars? Well, the Mars dwellers would prefer to live on Earth . . .

Lester Laminack entertains audience at CCIRA luncheon

Author Nikki Grimes speaks at CCIRA, "Beyond Race: The Universality of Story"

Kirby Larson a Newberry Award winning author, tells about her inspiration and writing process, when writing her books. 

Twelve is the right age to learn how to use a homemade time machine, meet your dead father in the past, and somehow get home without getting caught in a time paradox, right? On his twelfth birthday, Al gets a letter from his father that died four years earlier. In it, his father asks Al to go back in time and prevent the accident that ended his life.

   A Dog’s Purpose starring Josh Gad, Dennis Quad, and Britt Robertson, is sure to get you laughing and crying.

Do dogs feel jealousy? Do dogs seek revenge? Look into one dog's mind to gain incite from a dog's point of view. All this and more in Victoria J. Coe's new book, Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang.

Are you ready for a robot revolution?

Another hero has to save another world in Atlantis Lost.

Are you a horseback riding fanatic? You should come here. There are lots of horses, and you can smell it too!

Max Helsing, famous monster hunter, gets in trouble in the woods when he finds a couple of big friends.