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Since 1980 Lego has been developing a department called Lego Education. Today students got an experience with Lego Education. The Lego Education consultant’s name was Layne Rainey who took them on their journey.

In the Metropolitan State University (MSU) there are many facilities that students can use and also work for. Here, there is a fitness loft, a multi purpose gym, an outdoor adventure center, fitness center, and a dance studio. There is also a pool, but it no longer functions.

In Downtown Denver there are three schools that all have the same campus. 

The Recreational Facility is the only facility in Colorado that serves 3 colleges all in one! The Recreational Facility serve Metropolitan State University[MSU], University of Colorado at Denver [UCD], and the Community College of Denver.

A group of students with The Denver Post Youth Journalism Day interviewed Vaughn Toland, Director of Admissions at Metropolitan State University of Denver, a large public school located in downtown Denver on July 21.

Kira Zizzo

 et al.

   Vaughn Toland, Director of Admissions for Metropolitan State University of Denver advised journalists on college expenses and early preparation in-training on July 21 during The Denver Post Journalism Day

Today, kids from across the Front Range came together at Metropolitan State University for Youth Journalism Day. Youth Journalism Day only happens once a year.

My tour of the Recreational Facilities at the Auraria Campus.

At the Hospitality Center students learn the culinary skills to become a chef.

Metropolitan State University’s (MSU) Associate Director of Campus Recreation and personal trainer Louie Metropolitan State University’s (MSU) Associate Director of Campus Recreation and personal trainer Louie MorphewMorphew

Mrs. Virginia White met with Youth Journalism Day students on July 21, 2016.

On July 21, 2016, Chairman of the Journalism Technical Communications, Bob Amend, and Director Matt Keller took time out of their day to inform a group of students about digital broadcasting by giving them a tour of a broadcasting facility.

Youth Journalism Day students got the chance to meet Colorado children's author Virginia White.

Virginia White Is A Children’s book author. She wrote a book called

The Auraria Campus sports facility is a large and useful facility that all students can enjoy.

        On January 21st 2016 the Night Owls took a tour of the Hospitality Learning Center with James (Jimi) Webb. 

Kaili Marker

 et al.

Always wanted to fly? Do you live in the Denver area? Well you can learn virtually in your own back yard.

In the nursing career there are many different paths you can take.

Industrial Design

Learn what Anderson taught us about nursing.

Metropolitan State University's Hospitality Center is a place where students learn cooking, cleaning, traveling, and hosting skills.

 A small group of kids from Youth Journalism Day took a tour at the King Center in Denver. The tour was led by Brian Kelley. As we toured we learned more about him and his career in theatre

 Virginia White is the author of the book series, Warren the Honking Cat. Warren Can only honk and he is made fun of by his other siblings.

  Nurses normally do a lot more work than you think.