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Industrial Designers touch everything we see before we see it, they play a key role in our everyday lives and make everything pleasing to the eye, safe, and as useful as possible. Here is a look into metro state’s industrial design program…

An Adventure through the halls of the Kenneth King Center. Through this journey you will find the value of what theatre really means.

Going through the different halls of the King Center was not what I expected that it would be. 

From 1898 to today, the issues that plague Colorado's water supplies have been a problem for almost one hundred and nineteen years

Bailey Taylor

 et al.

Colorado is a booming state with its beautiful mountans and nice landscape. But a problem might be coming around the corner. More then 30 million people are using water from the Colorado River and there is less and less of it every day.

 Mrs. Pytlinski tells all about the design, art, and complexity included in the student success building.

The environment affects our water quality in many ways, some of them being oil spills, toxic waste, incorrectly built pipelines, corrosive water which causes pipes made out of copper to melt, and people.

Youth journalists explore meteorology with Becky Ditchfield and Cory Reppenhagen straight from 9 News.

        Here comes the Weather Titan and Storm catchers !!!


How do we effect the water in our lives and how does this water affect us?

How do we effect the water in our lives and how does this water affect us?

Cora Delmonico

 et al.

Holly Arnold Kidney wrestled a bear, slept with one and grew up at Bent’s Fort replica. As an adult, she still tells tales about the bear today.

Spencer Peck

 et al.

Professor Amend at Metropolitan State University of Denver teaches college students the art of video editing in journalism. 

Clara Hrouda

 et al.

Sissy the bear was a friend to everyone and influenced them at her home, the first replica of Bent’s fort.

Kylie Kirkham

 et al.

The Ute Indians celebrate a dance called the Bear Dance.

  Today, July 20, 2017, youth journalists got the opportunity to meet Ted Shin, an industrial Designer at Metropolitan State University.


Deanne Pytlinski took us on a short tour of some of the artwork at the Denver Auraria Campus Student Success Building. Outside the building were two benches made by a student. 

If you have not heard about the Pike's Peak Gold Rush, then check out this article to find out more about it.

Photography and film. Both footage of real events. There are many tricks and complications made in photography and film. The result can amaze you, but what do people like professor Amend do to make you become star struck at the result.

Journalism campers find art lurking on campus

Learning to edit video footage can be very complicated to make a great film. But you can still create amazing work with just a few easy skills. Professor Amend from Metropolitan State University shows how a few simple editing tricks can make a video clip as exciting as an action movie!

Dylan Greer

 et al.

Water pollution in Denver is becoming a major issue. We need to conservate water for future generations, but other people have different ideas.

Find out some of the history of MSU art made by students.