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Youth Journalism campers from team 5, visit Auraria Library to discover the future of libraries.

Video editing is a great hobby if you love computers and making great videos and pictures.

  Industrial Designers do more than designing the product itself, it includes several different steps and skills developed over a period of time.

 Do you want to keep digital or paperback books?

Ever wonder why we have cars? Phones? Hairdryers? Take a look at why we have all these things and what would happen if we didn’t have this stuff. 

In Denver Colorado there is a little town that is called Ninth street.

Each house has a distinct difference that makes it stand out on its own. 

every thing you need to know abaot a medeoralogists life and work.

July twentieth which is today happens to be international journalism day along with the day that we have the youth journalism event to attend. We started the day off with listening to many speakers talk about what it takes to be in their profession. Along with meeting a professor on campus who is in the industrial designing business.

A review of video editing taught by a professor.

The steps for editing a interview/video.

 Video editing has many uses that can improve regular videos or footage. Sound effects can be used to give videos or footage emotion or making small sounds sound or look more dramatic. If editors want to make footsteps louder and more dramatic, then they will add sound effects. Types of sound effects consist of music, talking, voiceovers and more. Sound effects improve modern videos.

 Today Mr. Seeber showed campers from Youth Journalism Day the great Auraria Library.

Holly Arnold Kidney, she who naps with bears, is an author, a publisher, and the manager of a restaurant. She owned a bear named Sissy and a German Shepherd name∂ lobo.

The 4th prime minister of Israel was Golda Meir and she was a very successful person for here time. She was born in Kiev Ukraine on May 3rd 1969 and moved to Colorado when she was 9. She became a member of a town, and then was chosen to be the 4th prime minister. She died on December 8th 1978.

Meteorology is a study of weather. Walk into a meteroligists life and find out about their day to day life and what extreme wheather events they have seen.

For the tenth year, Preserve America Youth Summit brings 7th-12th graders from across Colorado to learn about natural and historical preservation, and to present their ideas to local leaders.

Playing with the best!

The Denver Zoo's latest addition, Umi the baby Tapir, is now on display for the public at the Denver Zoo!

It was summer in 1991, and Jacky Hart was waiting for the bell to ring on the last day of school. RRRRRING! She bolted out of the classroom, ready to start her summer. Follow this hilarious twelve year old girl and her funny summer.

A brief look at the new Spider Man movie!

Denver Comic Con was an outstanding experience like no other. Innovation, aspiration, and excitement mingled with every single attendee. Comic Con was a place where people with a wondrous sense of ambitious admiration gathered to celebrate creative ideas that were sprung to life out of people with superpowers of the imagination. An unimaginable amount of people stood united in an enormous celebration of their love for comics and the positive impact on their lives. Seas of people expressed tsunamis of excitement.

In a world where everything is accelerating, even the novel itself accelerates without explanation!

No one believed Xar when he claimed that the witches were back. The witches that wreaked havoc on the land were killed off years ago. But Xar knew that something had brought them back and for the first time in his life, the boy was scared.