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I think that the sharks took the bait. Come next year to find out more.

Do you have the claws to read this book?

I went to ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education in the Denver Convention Center and it was huge - there were so many people. They had lots of really cool interactive demonstrations. It was fun and hands on, but it was mainly for teachers.


I found the future of technology in education, and pigs can fly!

As technology, society, and education rapidly changes, the next generation prepares for a world of transformation!

The fun-loving and adorable Disney depiction of Tarzan is not an ideal comparison you should host in your mind as you go to see the Legend of Tarzan in theaters this

Make sure you see the temporary exhibit of Butterflies at Chatfield before they fly away (in September)

Ruff! Ruff! Meow! Meow! Tweet! Tweet!

The most important thing in football is having the correct technique. The focus of this camp hosted by Von Miller is to build the correct technique, and attitude.

“We is in Dream Country. This is where all dreams is beginning.”

Maxwell Jaynes who came for the first time this year says, “Being able to go and be a part of a community, talking and relating about costumes and stuff is really great!” The event first started in 2012 and has only grown since. There are so many aspects at this event anyone can enjoy. 

A Tiny Piece of Sky by Shawn K. Stout is a compelling novel set during The Great Depression about a young girl learning more about World War II.

 44th annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival at Sakura Square.

Heroes from "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie shipwreck on Planet Strip Mall - action, adventure, and comedy all-in-one!

Fun summer fun for everyone!

Going Berserk with Captain Kirk!  Leadership Ideas from a 23rd-century Star Fleet Commander

Do you like mysteries? Are you just in love with paranormal activity? If so, then the book, “School of the Dead”, is perfect for you! With fast paced action you won’t want to put it down.

Yet another quest the famous fish embark on.

It started out as a normal road trip. Quinn went with her best friend, Kara, and Kara’s family to California. They did this because Kara was moving and they had been best friends for a very long time and before Kara moved, the girls wanted to get in some quality time together. While driving through the desert, they come upon a Victorian Inn that housed unusual people. The hotel was called The Inn Between, meaning the inn on the border of two states, but that’s not all it means.

“Books build community and foster relationships” is the one thing that Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, author of “Book Scavenger,” wants all readers to take away from her middle grade mystery novel.  

11-year-old Emily has just moved to San Francisco, and is dreading starting over at a new school. However, she is enthusiastic about getting to play Book Scavenger, the online book-hiding game, where it originated.  

Fun with STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Making

Red, a ten-year-old foster child, dreams of running away and finding her own perfect paradise far away from her irritating foster family. During one of her escape attempts, a UFO takes her up in a beam of light and soars thousands of light-years away from Earth.