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Magnus Chase has never been the type to fit in. Right before his mother was killed in their apartment, she told him to run. Ever since many people have blamed him for the death of his mother.

Talking Leaves talks to most readers and may leaf and impression on you!

Do you walk your dog? Maybe you can start a business . . . 

A new sad space story shoots itself into the news.

Interested in the eyes of a stray dog, try putting your feet in the shoes of Squirrel as she explains her adventures from the beginning of life too the very end, an Autobighrophy of a stray dog, A Dogs Life written by Ann M. Martin.

The Iron Trial, a stunning novel by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, follows the story of young Callum Hunt, a mage in training.

Rogue One is a suspense filled action packed movie that is not recommended for young viewers.

The American Girl Doll company just released a new line of dolls called the WellieWishers. The WellieWisher dolls include Willa, Camille, Kendall, Ashlyn, and Emerson. These dolls are aimed at younger audiences and are meant to help teach friendship and other morals through books, dolls, and play sets. 

Ming is a white bunny with brown ears and nose, who is very lucky to be taken in by the Colorado House Rabbit Society. He is one of the 168 rabbits rescued by Nancy LaRoche, who is the owner of the shelter in Broomfield.

Mess Matz is a unique mat perfectly designed to keep your surfaces mess free.


Disney Magical World 2 is a Nintendo 3DS game based off of Disney Magical World where your character moves into Castleton by all the main Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy.

Disney Art Academy is a Nintendo 3DS game where you draw and color Disney-themed pictures virtually. 

Are ghosts going to come visit you? Have you been naughty this year?

Do you want to make some holiday memories? Here are some fun, downtown places to go.

Lights, camera, action, Sing!

Colorado Gives, an organization which allows you to donate money to various non-profits, has expanded to allow kids to experience the joy of giving.

100 Dresses: If The Magic Fits by Susan Maupin Schmid is about a young Under-scrubber (dishwasher) named Darling Dimple who discovers there’s a magical world just out of reach.

John Flanagan has created yet another possible best-seller that tells the old story of the most rebellious leader of the Middle Ages.

It's not really the worst night ever...

Police Report
Name: Ms. Gaux
Scene: Gaux Family Fish and Bait

The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart is a touching novel telling the story of Mark, a young teen with cancer on a quest to climb Mount Rainier.

Rainy day read... wooly mammoths included

A series of star wars costumes have came to showcase at the Denver Art Musuem.

To find out who she really is, Moana goes on an over seas adventure.