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  • The Colorado Symphony’s Resident Conductor, Scott O’Neil, can’t remember a time when he wasn’t passionate about music.   Between his Dad being a marching band conductor and the piano that sat in his home, Mr. O’Neil was fascinated by music from an early age.   From piano, to violin, to saxophone, he spent time learning how to play every instrument in the Symphony Orchestra, helping him become who he is today.

  • John Reid/ The Lone Ranger: “If we ride together, we ride for justice. ”

    Tonto: “Justice is what I seek, Kemosabe. ”

  • “Origin” by Jessica Khoury is a mind blowing twister that causes you to ponder questions and leaves the novel hanging in your mind long after you have set it aside.    I had no idea what to expect when I read this book but I have found a new novel to add to my top favorites.

  • In the heart of Colorado the National Western Stock Show takes place, where visitors and participants from all over America come.   When touring the many buildings housing animals, arts, and much more there were two mammals that fluffed out the most.

  • Elemental, by Antony John is a fast paced action movie pounding through your head.    In a land rotted out by plague, the survivors take to an island; there they live with individual elements.   Except for Thomas.

  • Ashes of Twilight, by Kassy Taylor is an action packed tale of dwindling hope and gritty survival.   Winding down every twist and turn of Wren’s life as with each decision she makes the less time and choice she has.

  • Although you may just know him as the famous author of the Inheritance Cycle, Christopher Paolini is much more than that.

  •          “There are moments in your life that change everything.    I don’t mean little things like, say, what cereal turns out to be your favorite or whether you get into any AP classes or what girl you fall in love with or where you wind up living for the next twenty years.   I mean total change.   One second your world is one thing, the next-snap!-it is completely altered.   All the rules, all the things you accepted about reality, are turned around.
    Like, up becomes down.  Left becomes right. ”
    -by Harlan Coben from the novel, Seconds Away

  •         Everything comes with a price and Lexington Larrabee, the heiress of a multi-billion-dollar empire is just figuring out how much she has to pay.

  • Summer is in full bloom,
    green leaves dance on the trees that loom,
    rays of light shine down from the sun,
    to burn out all the fun.

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  • I don’t think President Barrack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are making a good influence with their campaigning ads.

  • What does a dog mean to you?  Something to steer clear of because it is just an animal or something that draws you in every time it is in sight like an invisible string is tugging at you to turn towards it?  Any dog lover out there knows that dogs are more than an animal; they are your best friend.