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  • Television host and biologist, Jeff Corwin recently spoke at The Amazing Adventures Travel and Recreation Expo and had some inspiring things to say. 

  • When someone thinks of a service dog they usually picture a police or seeing eye-dog, but one canine that is out of the picture is the loveable and courageous hearing dog. 

  • How would you feel about having Steven Spielberg for a boss? Or working with famous Hollywood actors constantly? Well DreamWorks director Tim Johnson gets that opportunity every day.

  • In the new DreamWorks film, Home, directed by Tim Johnson (director of Over the Hedge) you find yourself justifying what home really is.

  • The birth of Ember the Bornean orangutan in October has sparked much excitement for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the many staff members and zoo visitors.

  • In Waiting for Unicorns by Beth Hautala, 12 year old Talia and her physically and mentally faraway father move from Massachusetts to Churchill, a small town hidden in the depths of the arctic. Talia is very angry that she has to spend the whole summer by herself while her father researches whales when she is alone with only a native Inuit woman and a town of strangers for company. Talia is still mourning over the recent death of her mother, but she slowly comes out of her isolation and meets livelong friends. 

  • Was it really worth leaving Aunt Lucy and Darkest Peru behind? 

  •  Waiting for Unicorns written by Beth Hautala is a great book. Though the writing isn’t Harper Lee she paints a unique story that will leave you turning the page.

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