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  • Hello peoples :D. I'm SO super duper happy. Why?

  • Hello everybody. I'm not in the best mood 'cuz my big brother just got finish MOCKING ME....(I just really love jelly beans ok?). Anyways I'm still a little bit happy(guess why!).

  • Ok,I hope everybody had a safe Halloween(even though its already November 7th)! For those of you that don't know much about Election Day...well..Obama won again.

  •  HELLO PEOPLES!!!! I'm so tired right now!!! Do not let your little sister wake you up[ at 5:00 am(unless your like me and have band every Monday at school).

  • Hey everyone who is reading this at the moment. My name is ****** ******(JK,if you want to know my name look near the comments).

  • Okay. I have thought this through and I personally think that Blog Entry Number blah blah blah is WAY to boring.

  • So yeah...that was basically a intro on what I was starting. I did at like..I don't know..8 in the morning,so I had to go to school. Lets start this off right.

  • Hi. My name is Eliana Werner and I'm going to start a blog about my everyday life. If it seems boring please comment below and tell me.

  • Do you happen to just love pizza? If you do,you might also have a favorite pizzeria. There are many pizzerias,pizza shops,whatever you want to call them. But some are really not as good as they sound. That's why I went to a couple this summer.


    The first one I went to, Pete's Pizza,was my favorite .It had very easy-to-understand menus for kids and adults. They also have a wide varieties of  beverages such as sodas and ice teas(they also have water,of course). The pizzas are always fresh and hot,just the way I like it, and they have more then just mozzarella cheese. They supplied cheddar and Swiss cheese. The second pizzeria,was Pasqirri's Pizzeria. Pasqirrri's had very complicated menus,and very little choices on the kid's menu. Although,the prices were pretty affordable so the whole family could come over anytime. One of the things that I like about Pasqirri's is that right when you walk in,there is a glass display case full of sweet desserts, which include mud pies, vanilla ice cream drizzled in chocolate syrup,and their famous marshmallows with milk chocolate chunks and chocolate syrup. As you can see they like chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, you name it, and they are bound to have it. My most favorite food they serve there is mini French bread. They add garlic and a little tang of salt and serve it right out of the oven. When I went there, half the time all I heard was screaming. The type of screaming where it feel like your ears are bleeding. Some of the people who worked there didn't care about it. At one point the parent had to take the little kid outside,and I really thank them for doing that.


    If you wish to eat out at a pizzeria near you, if you can,I really recommend you go to Pete's Pizza. If you can't,your also are welcomed to drive over to Pasqirri's Pizzeria. Or wherever you want to go.