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  • In Lisa Bunker’s newest novel, Felix Yz, Bunker reimagines life as we know it. In her novel, a human boy, Felix gets fused with an alien during a freak accident. Felix Yz is a blog of Felix’s personal experience of living fused with a fourth-dimensional being, Zyx and tells about the high-risk procedure that could detach Felix and the fourth-dimensional being.

  • Talking Leaves talks to most readers and may leaf and impression on you!

  • The Candy Makers and the Great Chocolate Chase is a novel written by Wendy Mass that is choco-filled with candy-coated friendships and adventures that will satisfy your sweet tooth!
    Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip are back again for another sweet candy making experience!

  •    Vaughn Toland, Director of Admissions for Metropolitan State University of Denver advised journalists on college expenses and early preparation in-training on July 21 during The Denver Post Journalism Day

  • Cynthia Lord is a down to Earth, sweet, and humble author who was at the Colorado Council International Reading Association (CCIRA) conference recently. She is the author of Rules, Touchblue, A Handful of Stars, the Shelter Pet Squad Series, and the Hot Rod Hamster Series.

  • By using words powerful enough to make the sun rise and set and to cause brilliant moonbeams to illuminate the sky, Malala Yousafzai has brought global awareness to the millions of girls without the privilege to be educated. There is a movie made about this empowering 18 year old advocate for women's rights and she said in the movie that it was not only about her, but about the over 40 million girls who can’t go to school. The movie is called “He Named Me Malala”.

  • It doesn’t take much to touch another life, show support and make a difference for someone who is going through a difficult time.  

  • The Byers-Evans house/mansion (Victoria) tour is an experience like no other. It is like stepping into a time machine and going back in time to the early 1900’s. The house has ornate decor; glittering crystal chandeliers, mahogany rugs the color of a vibrant sunset, fireplaces adorned by pale candles and the feeling of the connection and family love that once engulfed the house.

  • Young AmeriTowne is a bridge between being a kid (having loads of fun) and learning important information that will be used later in life.

  • A volunteer goes the extra mile to help others.

  •  Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze by Shannon Messenger is an adrenaline pumping novel about a telepathic individual, Sophie (an elf) trying to defeat her rivals resulting in a picture painted by words and figurative language and a deep whirlpool of imagination pulling this story together as a world and an adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

  • “All aboard accommodations are waiting,” festive music, a classic train ride to the North Pole, a cast of characters, just to name a few…ring a bell? Like the first gift of Christmas in the reenacted movie The Polar Express. 

  • Taking a trip is enjoyable but taking an adventure without luggage or a passport would be much easier. A new and improved way was just figured out. 

  • Everybody knows the innovative, classic story of The Wizard of Oz. How about a change? In other words, how about a sequel?

  • Imagine a cheerful life of dance of various kinds. Frilly pink tutus, point shoes, artistic acrobatics, and choreography (Ko-re-oh-gra-fy).The sequence of steps or movement in a dance. Dance an impeccable journey to success.

  • Discover a mystery, a truth untold; think about a surprise that shall unfold. Which shall be the pun; and who will be the clever one? 

  • If you’re bored at home and sick of watching Mario die so many times, or if you’re a cowgirl/cowboy fan, the National Western Stock Show is the place for you. With so many views, smells, tastes, textures, and sounds, this is an irresistible place for you!

  • Attention monster lovers! If you’ve had a hard time finding another frightful but delightful monster novel, here is the right choice for you!

  • This action-packed toy might just be the fit for the rebel in you!

  • Do you ever feel over-scheduled, not having time to do things that you adore doing, or exhausted from lots of activities?

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