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  • Drift and Dagger by Kendall Kulper is one of the more interesting books that I have read. The protagonist, a teenage boy named Mal, is betrayed by an old friend of his, Essie Roe.  

  • Sony Pictures new movie Pixels turned out to be much better than the trailer led on. Intense in some scenes, though perfectly rated as PG13, I would say Pixels was an overall hit.

  • Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee, set in the time period of the California Gold Rush, will have you waiting for a sequel. Sammy and her father, of Chinese heritage, were bound for California. This was a decision that Sammy had no say in, and therefore, an argument was the only thing that came out of it.

  • Murder is never a joke, never a game, and never a normal occurrence, until now. Party Games by R. L. Stine is more than worth your time. 

  • It's not just the stars on the college basketball or football team that are competitive this time of year; the mascots can get their game on too. On December 13 and 14, they came from all over the country to the first annual Steamboat Mascot Stampede to prove just that.  

  •  As fast food restaurants become more and more popular, cooking healthy meals at home becomes less and less. Cooking Matters Colorado wants to show families that cooking at home is just as convenient as fast food, and way more fun. 

  • It is hard to land on your feet when the world turns upside down. When a family is separated it is hard for kids to understand how to deal with the changes. One way to at least land on one foot is by reading the American Girl’s, Smart Girl’s Guide to her Parents’ Divorce. Sorry boys, it’s for girls.

  • West of The Moon by Margi Preus pulls you in, then slightly disappoints. 

  • Valentine’s Day is a big deal here in Loveland. To represent the importance of this holiday, we have our very own Miss Loveland Valentine. This year, our Valentine ambassador is Nicole Wilson.  

  •       Of all the animals included in the National Western Stock Show, a few animals I saw surprised me. These animals were on display in the Hawk-Quest booth. The birds that were there included the Red-tailed Hawk, the Bald Eagle, the Prairie Falcon, and the Spectacled Owl. 

  •     5th graders-it is time to hit the slopes! The 5th Grade Passport is the perfect opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard or just have some free fun at lots of different Colorado ski resorts.

  • Shrek the Musical is a unique movie that is actually a recorded Broadway show.

  • “Make health a hobby!” says Dr. Travis Stork. Dr. Stork, originally from Colorado, was a guest speaker at the King Soopers Health Expo 2013. Here he talked about how to live your best life.

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, is a fun loving movie, with some action. It is a sweet movie and very kid friendly.

  •       The magnificent story of a boy who lost a sister he didn’t really know and it has torn the family apart. This book is called “My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece” by Annabel Pitcher. Mom still lives in London but Jamie and his big sister Jas and his dad have moved away to a little cottage. 

  • Artist Kim Shaklee is a very talented bronze and stone sculpture. Plus, she adds a very life like affect to her pieces. This is a sculptor who has loved nature all along.

  • It's hard for a kid to order off a kids menu. There are not a ton of choices and you want things that would be light on the taste buds but not jumbo sized. Most restaurants have the same style kids menu. Whether you go to a fancy Italian restaurant or fast food place the same options are mentioned. Here are some delis in Fort Collins that will help your selection size.