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  • Regardless of whether people intentionally listened for it in the news or not, the horrors that have been happening in Africa and the Middle East are well known.

  • No one believed Xar when he claimed that the witches were back. The witches that wreaked havoc on the land were killed off years ago. But Xar knew that something had brought them back and for the first time in his life, the boy was scared.

  • Twelve is the right age to learn how to use a homemade time machine, meet your dead father in the past, and somehow get home without getting caught in a time paradox, right? On his twelfth birthday, Al gets a letter from his father that died four years earlier. In it, his father asks Al to go back in time and prevent the accident that ended his life.

  • An enormous aspen tree loomed before Mayberry and Marshall, two best friends. They felt a slight warmth emanate from it and suddenly the urge to lie down and sleep was overwhelming. Seconds later, they wake up, not on Earth, but on the magical world they had asked for. The aspen tree they had stumbled upon was the legendary wishing tree.

  • “We is in Dream Country. This is where all dreams is beginning.”

  • "Someone may be stealing their memories, but this is one summer they'll never forget..."

  • Spring is here! The birds are chirping and a fresh feeling of renewal has crept into all of our bones. Now is the time to explore the outdoors.

  •      Hundreds of years ago, pollution covered the planet. To get rid of it, scientists created nanites, miniscule beings that would suck up all of the waste in the world. Soon, Earth was free of pollution, but the evolving nanites knew it would not stay this way unless they produced a product that would eliminate the problem, humans.

  •      Dia de Muertos is a perfect time to kill. Costumes, crowds, you could disappear in an instant. Spectre is meeting once again, but this time, they are not alone. James Bond (Daniel Craig) has tracked them down and is going in for the kill. Like a cat after a mouse, they are in for the chase. Explosions, hand to hand combat, and gun battles have brought Bond close to death all around the world, but will he survive this time?

  • “Hilo, The Boy Who Crashed to Earth,” by Judd Winick, is a fast paced graphic novel that is perfect for reading under the covers. Though there are very little words, every chapter will leave your fingers itching to turn the page.

  •      When a war knocks on your door, what would you do? “Cold War on Maplewood Street” by Gayle Rosengren features a young girl’s experience in the time of cold war.

  •      Castle-like formations tattooed with bright colors tower above as you walk along the trail. Stepping through the maze of bizarre rock structures, you peer in awe at layers of sparkling white, canary yellow, shiny orange, and striking pink clay. This is the Paint Mines Interpretive Park.

  • The Denver Zoo has a new surprise! On March fourth, a second Steller Sea Eagle chick has been born! Not fully fledged yet, the chick is already a magnificent bird. It is nearly two months old and is slowly growing in adult feathers. The Denver Zoo is overjoyed to have this special opportunity to raise these amazing eagles.

  •      One day my family and I were hiking near a lake and spotted a large eagle-looking bird. It had a white head except for a brown mask over the eyes and a chocolaty body. I thought it was some sort of hawk. By flipping through the sections of Ted Floyd’s bird guide, I found that the bird was an osprey or a fish eagle, and it is on the list of endangered species. This little discovery made my day!

  • After hiking on hundreds of trails with his family, Tony Parker wrote a book called “The Best Front Range Hikes for Children."

  • “A Horse Called Hero” is an epic story of a boy and his horse’s deep passion for each other. Readers of all ages, especially horse lovers, will fall in love with this sad tale.

  •      The St. Mary’s Glacier trail is a great place to experience the breathtaking sights of a beautiful lake, high mountains, and their sparkling jewel, the St. Mary’s Glacier, without going too far from Denver.

  •      The Denver Zoo has more than 3,500 different animals and their health is the results of the hard work of zookeepers and veterinarians. Veterinarians help cure the animals of any diseases or injuries. Without them, many animals would get sick and eventually die.

  • There is a legend that a pirate buried his treasure somewhere on the Boston Harbor Islands. For centuries people have searched for it in vain, until Ollie, the main character of the new book, “Ollie and the Science of Treasure Hunting” by Erin Dionne, came along.

  • One of most unique theme parks of Colorado, Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, is back in business after a massive fire in June, 2013. It is offering its visitors to experience the beauty of the Royal Gorge and the second highest suspension bridge in the world like never before. You can come on the weekend or holiday and take bus tours around the park and the bridge.

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