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  • Thomas (Neil O'Brien) must save his freind Minho (Ki Hong Li) from WCKD before leaving too sea and starting over, On his way he encounters many set backs and casualties, will WCKD find a cure and will Thomas and his freinds from the Maze find Minho and escape to the Promise land, find out in Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

  • A Burly bull named Ferdinand-played by John Cena- must decide between living easy on a flower farm, or going back to El Casa Del Toro to save his freinds from a death in the ring.

  • Are you interested in detective/judicial movies where mysterys have to be solved?

  • Do you like the sound of adventure and amazing creations? if you answer yes to this question then youll want to read the reveiw on The Book Of Henry and maybe even go see the movie.

  • You want to go see Guardians Of The Galaxy vol.2 but you dont know if its good? well maybe you should read this to find out just how out of this world Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is.

  • if you like animals and stories about the workd wars, then you would love the book Innocent Heroes by Sigmund Brouwer

  • Need a ride to the airport?

  • Interested in the eyes of a stray dog, try putting your feet in the shoes of Squirrel as she explains her adventures from the beginning of life too the very end, an Autobighrophy of a stray dog, A Dogs Life written by Ann M. Martin.