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  • Even in his old age Joan Miro could create amazing sculptures and paintings but he would never let his creativity vanish. At the Denver Art Museum you can experience the Joan Miro: Instinct and Imagination exhibit through June. Miro’s sculptures were very creative like how he made them completely out of found objects such as garden tools, screws and much more.

  • The Walt Disney Animation film Big Hero 6 is about a 13 year old boy named Hiro who loves robotics and already graduated from high school. Hiro has an older brother named Tadashi who created a cuddly marshmallow looking robot named Bamax who is designed to heal the sick and injured. Bamax is also full of that robot personality that is funny when he doesn't even try. When everything seems to be going good for Hiro a disaster strikes causing a big impact on Hiro's life. After that Hiro, Bamax and four other friends set off to find a man in a mask who has stolen Hiro’s invention.

  • The Muppets are back again!

  • Monster On The Hill by Rob Harrell is a great book about a monster and all of his funny friends that he meets on they way to get his town in a jolly mood just because of a scare.

  • Stranded Two Trial by Fire by Jeff Probst is a great story about four kids " Vanessa , Buzz , Jane and Carter " who get shipwrecked on a jungle island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. The four of them will have to learn how to survive with only one knife, one pot, one axe, one pillowcase, two blankets, two pens, one journal and one backpack. With these objects the four kids will have to make shelter, get food, make fire and fight wild boars that run around on this island.