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#1 Rockies Fan!

 "One day, I woke up and the idea popped into my head. I had enough shirts to do it, so I did it." Jasper Hohenegger explains, " I also wanted to set a record. Hohenegger, amazingly, has worn different types of Rockies shirts for about one-hundred and forty days... and counting!
About two years ago, he started to love the Colorado Rockies, and even more so when infielder number 28 Nolan Arenado gave him his bat. Hoenegger has played baseball for a long time now, so he would automatically be a fan of the sport.
To get into more information, Hoenegger has worn different types of Rockies shirts for 140 days, and plans to stop when School stops. The idea popped in his head one day and he decided to do it and set a record, and I guarantee he broke it.
In my opinion, I think this was a very superb thing to do; it certainly amazed me and most likely will amaze other people as well. One of the #1 Rockies fan is right here.