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Beauty traces back

The name Imani means belief and Dene means water lily. Both beautiful and strange I am proud to have this name though at first that wasn’t the case. Growing up I always felt out of place. Going to a school with no one of my race was troubling. I always had the wish of being like everyone so there would no longer be judgment towards me. I wanted straight hair instead of the natural curls, waves, and fluffy hair I had on my head. I wanted a normal name that was easy to pronounce like all my friends. I tried to become a different person for a few years of my life. I see as I was trying to find myself. But I was blinded by others views of me. When I entered my 8th grade year I finally had the realization I can’t be like anyone else around me. I learned acceptance for my African American beauty. I was excited to hear princesses with hair, skins, and names existed. I felt empowered and proud, I’ve gained more belief I am beautiful. In continuing years I hope to have full belief and trust in myself that I am beautiful and I am a princess. To any girl or woman who is dealing with life’s definition of beauty remember that you are your OWN definition of beauty and you are a queen like your mother, grandmother, and your ancestors going as far back to where your family begins.