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Elegy for Dimitrina Ivanova (1881-1960)

She was an abnormality,
Viewed by the early 1900’s as an abomination,
In 2000’s eyes, this woman was no abnormality or abomination,
She was strong, willing, and hard working,
She was a chairperson of her country’s women's rights organization,
She was a controversial figure in public debate,
She fought for Bulgarian women’s rights to vote,
Oh, and she was also a wife.
Sticking to her morals about women’s suffrage, 
She grew more powerful in decisions, 
Arrested in the communist takeover of Bulgaria, she went missing,
It isn’t true she’ll never to be seen again,
For, her words and efforts for women’s suffrage still echo deep,
They are relentless, like her,
They will reverberate forever and ever.