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If Today Were...

If today were a book,
It would be War and Peace;
Yellowing edges, but new in sparking thought,
It seems old, but is really new.
If today were a bird,
 It would be a Mourning Dove;
A robust call beckoning us to rise,
A deep realization that change starts with us.
If today were a word,
It would be revolutionary;
Full of new possibilities,
Ready for making change.
If today were a spice,
It would be cumin;
The essence of each sense awakened,
Just a pinch of it makes all the difference.
If today were a season,
It would be Fall;
A reminiscence of the Summer there once was,
The beauty of loss portrayed.
If today were an activist,
It would be Malala Yousafzai;
Standing up for equality for women,
Fearless, brave, even shot for her actions.
If today were a color,
It would be cobalt blue;
A deep color, pigmented with heavy strokes,
There is beauty in its darkness.
If today were a flag,
It would be the flag of Italy;
Merlot, alabaster, basil stripes,
My home country’s culture represented through it.
If today were a fabric,
It would be denim;
It is not always appealing, but it is strong,
It is dependent on what it is made of.