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Innocence Is Not Bliss

6 years of age,
Youth spritely cleansing me,
A love for the clarity of life,
My days chasing mythical animals and giggling,
They were turned into fear and warped silence,
Being pushed off of playground equipment,
Spit at in the face,
Absence of happiness and respect from a boy,

“He has a crush on you”
“It just means that he loves you”

My youth didn’t blind me from the truth,
Such distress caused at the hands of a man,
It isn’t right,
Love is respect, not violence.
Unimaginable digits of women have been abused at the hands of men,
I should not be ashamed or afraid of my femininity, but,
How can I not when my gender is mistreated and disrespected?
Love is respect, not violence.