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Irish Women Taking A Stand

It's been over 101 years since the Easter Rising occurred in Ireland.
The Easter Rising was an initiative in which Irish rebels took over buildings within Dublin and revolted against the British rule that had lasted in Ireland for nearly eight centuries. During the discriminatory rule of the English the Irish were oppressed by the Irish Potato Famine (which was no famine at all, but rather a deprivation of food in Ireland when the Irish were forced to ship food to England), the media (which depicted Irish people as ape like and illiterate, and relgious hostilities (the English were Protestant and the majority of Irish people were Catholic).
Part of the Easter Rising were Irish women who took a stand for their rights as women, liberating society to shift and change their views of Irish women in daily life. This part of Irish history seems an especially important reminder of the stand that women took for their freedom and to escape from the societal views that had been placed on them. Additionally, Irish women and men were mentioned in the Irish Proclamation (a document liberating the Irish) as equals to the men. Because of the Irish women who took part in the Rising, American suffragettes were thus inspired to push for their right to vote.
Though the Easter Rising didn't immediately give Irish people the freedom they deserved, it set the Irish on the right course towards obtaining their individualism. The leaders of the Rising were executed  shortly after the Rising took place, giving them immediate martyrdom. Because of the Easter Rising the restrained anger of the Irish people was awakened after an 800 year slumber.
In the end, the Easter Rising had a large influence on the metamorphosis from oppression to freedom of the Irish and thus changed the history of America, because of the inspiration that American women felt after seeing the success of Irish women when pushing for their rights.