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My experience with Mile High Stadium (Revised)

The NFL team Denver Broncos did not appear in the playoffs this year. But they did crush there divisional rival the Oakland Raiders 24-6 on the first day of 2017 in the Mile High city. I was in the stands with about 75 thousand other people in Mile High Stadium. Here is what I experienced. The first thing I noticed was the parking situation. One of the biggest problems of Mile High Stadium is the lack of parking lots. If the average home game attendance is 76,774 people, 6 parking lots is not enough. My dad had to park about a mile away from the stadium, and we even parked inside a neighborhood. Other than that, there's not much to complain about! I did notice that inside the pocket, the field was more dirt than grass. I know that happens when there is 22 people on the field at once, but they should clean it up. Everybody was nice and positive, even the Raiders fan sitting right next to me. Everybody was giving high-fives when the Broncos scored a touchdown. When I watch the NFL games on TV, I don’t focus mostly on the Bronco game because I like watching all the games, but when I went to Mile High Stadium, it was different! I only focused on the Bronco game (given the fact there was nothing else to focus on). Focusing only on one game from beginning to end made me look at football from a different angle than when I watch it on TV. Going to Mile High Stadium really changed the way I think about the Broncos. Even though I have always been a huge Bronco fan, going to the game made me be an even bigger fan than what I was. Keep up the good work Broncos!