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One day, I walked into my kitchen and my little sister is sitting at the kitchen table telling my mom how stressed out she is because she has a quiz in math tomorrow. I start to open my mouth to talk about how much more stressed out I am when my older sister walks in. Almost instantly, she starts listing off all of her assignments that are due tomorrow. Wow. I thought to myself, How can I be so foolish to think that I have a lot to do?! I ponder over this for a while before I begin to doze off.
I start to brew some coffee and I read on the coffee machine that it is only ten o’clock at night. As drink the coffee, I start to think more about how my sisters and I all have a different perspective on what is stressful. What is hard. What is a tragedy. We all have different perspectives on the same world we are living in. I realize that what my mom had been telling me for years was actually true- everything in life is relative. I realize that when I say I am starving, I haven’t eaten for a couple hours. When others say they are starving, they mean they haven’t eaten in days, even weeks. When I say that I am under a lot of pressure because I need to get a project done, others have been doing something where if they make one mistake, they kill hundreds. This makes me think of the world as such a different place.
I come to the conclusion that we are just a little microscopic speck of color and texture on the map of our town, our town is just a lemon on the map of the United States, the United States is just a leaf on the map of planet earth, planet earth is just a branch in the Milky Way, and the Milky Way is just a small tree in the forest which is the universe. I am just one of the millions upon millions of beating hearts in this universe. If every heart pitches in, we can all start to feel harmony and peace once again. It will no longer be about just you. It will be about how your action impacts the breathing lungs that surround you.