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Rise Up

Since the dawn of humankind,
Society has been blind,
The treatment of women compared to men has been unfair,
There is inequality beyond compare.
Who am I to judge?
Society just thinks I’ll hold a petty grudge,
Abilities have been undermined,
By some unspoken lines, the expectations and limits are so strongly defined,
Women are objectified and materialized,
We have so much knowledge and potential power, yet by this society, why is it despised?
We have abundant potential possibilities,
We could be doctors, scientists, professors, and even the president who controls mass quantities,
Instead, we are viewed as wives and daughters whose sole purpose is to cook and clean,
Uncircumstantially, to conceal any real emotions, we are instructed to plaster on a smile with a glean.
To this Earth, we are considered second place,
It is injustice in this rigged human race,
People shouldn’t have to be ashamed of their femininity,
Something society can’t peculate from women is divinity,
We are relentless, strong, and empowered,
We are not some prize to be scoured.
To lengths of greatness, we will rise up in this world,
But, who am I to say? I’m just a girl.
United, we strive to demolish stereotypes and expectations,
The future of gender equality is being molded into formations,
Women are so much more than society’s pearls,
Who runs the world? Girls!