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Tears cascade down my face as I watch in horror
the end,
A slender,
white object slices headfirst into our dirt road,
My eyes widen
as I recognize the object,
My fingers lace
with my brother’s,
Alla, Run!
Our feet
Make contact with the dirt and our hearts pound in sync,
In the distance match our breathing,
I peer
Over my shoulder and I can barely see the malevolent missile,
A column
of sandstone, currant, garnet, and mahogany with a dome of smoke in the sky,
A deafening
Makes me fall to my knees,
It reverberates
in my head making blood trickle out of my ears,
A wave
Of power blasts through my town,
I plug my ears
I run
before it claims my life
It rumbles,
Trembling the ground behind me,
I feel
Its power whip me,
I am thrown
to the ground,
My head snaps forward,
Blurry memories cross my mind,
A loose end of my Mother’s headscarf stroking my face,
Allah speaking in gibberish running around in his underpants,
My Father’s
Deep, rich voice mingling in the air,
My school’s remains
Crumbling brick by brick from when it was bombed,
Repeated gunshots
Penetrating my mind as I slept,
Of terror, that would haunt me,
These memories
Grow dimmer and dimmer,
I feel
My eyelids mask my eyes,
All light is gone,
My home,
My childhood,
My happiness
All went up in that mushroom cloud.