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There and Back Again: A Winter's Tale

I don’t know what you did over break, but I met Hobbits, threw knives, witnessed the destruction of an entire planet, and...did math. It probably sounds like I went on some sweeping, epic adventure, and I suppose, in a way I kind of did. However, I’m not expecting that an action movie will be made in honor of it.

The knife whirled through the air, spinning end over end. No, I wasn’t on a battlefield. I was over at my friend's house. He had gotten throwing knives for Christmas and wanted to try them out. I’ll admit I was a little nervous because it seems pretty dangerous to throw knives. We had set up a cardboard box against the garage door to throw at. One of the knives I threw missed the cardboard and got stuck in the door. He and I posed for a photo by it before removing the item. “Maybe you should keep your face pointed away from those.” I remarked.
Another exciting time was when my family watched all three of "The Hobbit"  movies. The scene with the dragon was my favorite with his glittering red scales and glimmering white teeth. It was funny when my dog slept through a scene with dramatic music and loud voices. It was interesting to compare the book to the movie. I’ve decided that I like “The Lord of the Rings” series more than any other fantasy series.

Another highlight of my break was when I got to see Rogue One in the theater with my parents. Although it was great, the plot is sort of predictable and hard to follow and the characters aren’t well introduced. However, it is still a very good movie. I liked the part where Chirrut Imwe, a blind rebel, uses the force to avoid being hit with lasers. It may even inspire my next Lego stop-animation movie.

We didn’t just sit around watching movies but also did many physical activities. Once or twice I went to the skate park. Although I am not very good at skateboarding yet, I feel I am getting much better. I enjoyed going down the ramps. There’s also a winding concrete path that points down hill into the parking lot. I enjoyed riding down that several times and slowing to a stop at the bottom. I also went hiking a couple times at Three Sisters and my parents introduced me to a new hike in Reynolds Park. I always also look forward to swimming during breaks so we did that two times as well.

I quite liked my break although it did have a few down sides, chiefly getting sick on Christmas Eve. Not only did I enjoy my activities but I also always love having time to create movies, stories, and comics. It was great to not be rushed to go anywhere. Minus the mysterious illness, my break was spectacular.