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      A Huge Disaster happened in Colorado, Englewood  a micro burst exploded in the back yards of some of the people living in Englewood. 

    Some days we all have that kind of day that was just kind of silly like you are being tickled all day. 

     Life with brothers can be fun but most of the time it is very difficult. Read my Story and you will understand.   

Love is respect, not violence.


A poem from the perspective of a child refugee.

This book rocks you should read it yourself.

It was one of those summers where life could not have been better or more carefree. Days were filled with rain and sunshine and mud; we became children of the Earth, farmers of the Burren. From clucking chickens and freshly laid eggs to the distant baaing of sheep. For once there was complete silence or at least the silence of a farmyard. . . the mooing of cows, laughter of rain, and busy presence of honey and bumblebees.

This here is one of the #1 Colorado Rockies fan

My eyes scan the rows of meat in the store,
Neon price stickers flash prices,
These stickers don’t show the animals’ war.

Beauty standards are overrated,

I open up a magazine girls thin and lean,

Models with pale skin and no flaws.



As youth, we would suckle sweet nectar from the tree of life,
Fearless youth with relentless energy and powerful radiance, free of strife,
Free minds scribbling stories of far off places with mythical wildlife.

Whoops! I accidentally clicked save mid-paragraph. Anyway, To Be Continued...

Adventure on with Bunk Rainstorm as they navigate camp! Will they ever make it through camp, or will they have the adventure of a lifetime?

Blue is more than just a color, in our minds and our reveries it is a being.

The African Veldt can make you feel so alive and connected with your surroundings.

The eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

This is a book review for Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge.