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There is a girl at school, nobody knows her real well, but I sure do, and she... she is amazing. 

Where hatred flocks to roost and stew
And treachery to stir anew
Leaving melancholy spin a nest
As darkness  leaves an empty view

D'Evelyn Junior/ Senior High school making foolish choices.

Wow this thing is old it's uh... about a raven. Well not really but you know symbolism stuffme

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So a couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Disney World! It was horrible and great. 

" Let it go'' Even though that song is annoying half the world sings it maybe even you.Image result for just the word frozen the movie

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A poem about the transition between day and night, and the fears we experience during this time. 

     Students all over the country are arranging walk outs, but Denver Public Schools hopes to find better solutions to the growing problem of police brutality in the United States.

Is School Fun?

Was This My Big Break?

Time to look back on 2014 and look forward to 2015!