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Well you found this blog! I am going to share MY thoughts about YouTube beauty gurus. 

This is a blog that has my opinions, what I have been doing and suggestions for things! This first blog will be about what thanksgiving means to me and to you.

Bullies MUST BE STOPPED! This story is a nonfiction text about what happened at my school and please comment telling me if you think this is wrong or not.

Is a Doctor Who B-Day enough for me?

Week eight of the college football season wrapped up last night. After the reveal of this week’s AP Top-25 poll, there are a lot of questions we need answered.

      A follow up to 10 Summer activates and why you shouldn't take your guinea pig  to them.

A promising season turns out to be a disappointment.

Alaska: A cold place that's not so cold, a barren land full of friendly people, a state of old fashioned ways that is actually quite modern with a rustic flare.

Paris is the city of love and beauty, right? Well, there's many shades and sides to Paris that you probably didn't know about...

I have made several attempts to have a daily blog, and failed. Now I will take another shot, but this time a weekly blog.

The Fault in Our Stars- a book by John Green and recent movie, the way that I see it.

To mystery readers everywhere: some concerning news!

Don’t we all yearn for a place where we can be outdoors, spend time with friends, and do fun activities? YMCA of the Rockies is that place!

Bullying is something people should be against, not do. Living is something people should love, not hate. Words should be pretty, not mean. You should be someone you love because you're perfectly made, not hate because someone told you lies about yourself. Don't bully and don't support it. Always tell someone and get help. Think positive.

Just a poem I made- well added on to because I don't love anyone like that. c: