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When Clarrisa's friends start bullying her, how will it change her aspect on life?

Nick Vujiki has changed Clarrisa's life in video. Now will he change it in person?

A cute, descriptive tale of the life of little Buffy, E.T, and the adventures of them and their sisters.

The Scariest Story!

Kids who are bullied 3 times are likely to show signs of depression. Kids who are bullied more than 9 times are more likely to have suicidal thoughts. 250,000 teens report being bullied each month, but these are only the ones who DO report it. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting... When does the anticipation for school kick in?

Do you ever get bored in the summer? Well, here is a fun, creative project that you can make. All you need is a pad of ink (or paint), a marker, and your thumb to make lots of playful animals.

Have you ever had a dull and boring piece of clothing. Turn it in to hip and spunky with only a couple dollars if not non.