Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Get ready to laugh!


Are you in deep need of some great brain candy? Are you having a rough or even disturbing day? In need of a laughing attack?

Are you in deep need of some great brain candy? Are you having a rough or even disturbing day? In need of a laughing attack? There is a fantastic book out there that is a remedy for all of these common yet deathly diseases. The cure is a great book by Jeff Kinney! It's called Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In my opinion it is one of the best books I have ever read! It's also I way to get everyone laughing at a gloomy gathering.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about Greg Heffley and how he has to deal with the normal middle school problems. Friends, family, enemies, and as usual, girls! Jeff Kinney uses comic genius to make everyone laugh out loud. You'll see just how wrong a musical can go when Greg acts in the school production "The Wizard of Oz". You'll also see just how cruel authors can make big brothers! You won't want to put down this hilarious tale.


It's a short read, I finished it within an hour. This book is a great picture read aloud that will awaken any gloomy party! So grab yourself a piece of chair, put you feet up in a relaxing way, and get ready for the comedy book of your life!


Characters: Greg Heffley is a regular kid who is dealing with regular problems in a regular school with regular people, sort of. Greg is friends with a dorky kid named Rowly. Greg also has to face the troubles of his family. His embarrassing mom and dad, his too perfect little brother Manny, and his cruel older brother Rodrick. Greg has to face his fears in this book. Still, the only thing he really, secretly, deep-down in his heart cares about is those cute girls in his school! Rowly is a dorky kid with dorky parents. He only plays dorky games, and only plays dorky stuff. The only friend he has is Greg, who gets him into more than his fair share of trouble. With an overprotective personality and a bit of a deformed face, he is not exactly what you call the best friend. Manny is an annoying little brother of Gregs. He is always getting Greg into trouble, more than Greg would like. Could this adorable little kid really be plotting evil revenge on his brother, or is he just insanely good at getting people into trouble? Rodrick is the biggest, meanest, and worst big brother a guy could ask for. With nasty jokes and heavy rock music, Rodrick is the center of trouble. So if you ever see him plotting something, and he tells you to come with him, my suggestion is you run before he can get you into trouble or beat you up. Mr. and Mrs. Heffley are the most embarrassing people Greg knows. They are always giving him crummy Christmas gifts and always calling him baby names. Like most kids, Greg thinks that every night his parents stay up making plans to ruin his life. Like subbing for his teacher at school, or completely wasting all the Halloween candy he worked hard for. Greg is not a huge fan of his parents.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid can be found at your local book store or library. I suggest you check it out for some laughs before you become a nega-fun person!


  1. I love that book!
    I love that book! You did such a great job making the book sound interesting. You didn’t give away everything which was great. I also liked how you described the characters. Great review and great book!

  2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid rules!
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid rules!! You have a high quality review here; keep writing. 🙂

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