Some Pig


Ashley Caston writes, Have you ever seen an inspirational movie?

Have you ever seen an inspirational movie? The kind that makes you feel like the world is a miracle? Well this movie is about a famous friendship between a pig and a spider. When Wilbur, the pig, was just a little runt and about to die, a little girl named Fern nursed him and took care of him. Later on he gets moved to a barn. This is where Wilbur meets Charlotte, the spider. Wilber thinks Charlotte is a smart intelligent spider and a great friend. Charlotte thinks Wilbur is a terrific and humble pig. She writes these words in her web, to save Wilbur from becoming bacon. She thinks this will make Wilbur famous so the owners can’t kill him. This is a very heartwarming and touching movie. It leaves you with a good feeling inside. Not to mention, it’s also hilarious. It’s really interesting because they do a fabulous job of portraying each character and personality. I loved every moment of “Charlotte’s Web.” I especially liked when Wilbur and Charlotte first met. It was really interesting to see them connect and over time become really great friends. This is a fabulous family movie for people of all ages. It would be a great movie to see during the holidays. ( Dec. 15, 2006)