007 is Back: Casino Royale


Chris Porto writes, Could this be the James Bond flick everyone’s been waiting for?

Could this be the James Bond flick everyone’s been waiting for? M16 agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) is back in his epic new movie Casino Royale. This movie cuts through all of the high tech gadgets of the more recent bond films and sticks with the rock hard story. The film is actually based on the very 1 st Bond novel by Ian Fleming (of the same name). The start of the movie starts out with a dramatic opening sequence with Bond in a fierce fist fight with Dryden’s associate. Of course, the traditional gun barrel shot into the audience is present as well. After Bond kills Dryden, he finally reaches “double-0” status. Die-hard fans of the fancy cars and laser wrist-watches may get disappointed, as Bond actually drives a stock Ford Focus in the beginning. M (Judi Dench) finally lets him have his Aston Martin, but come on, would a Bond film really be one without it? The plot goes back to basics, yet skillfully changes Bond from his smooth talking ways into a young agent; unsure of whom he should trust. His ego is his largest enemy, and it ultimately endangers his life and the life of all those around him. Blonde hair, blue eyed Daniel Craig surprisingly captured the whole Bond feel and made the movie a nice surprise to old fans. Casino Royale is a surefire hit and a great prequel to the 007 legacy.