The Denver International Auto Show


Chris Porto writes, From Ford hybrids to high performance Lamborghinis…

From Ford hybrids to high performance Lamborghinis, the Denver International Auto Show satisfies any car enthusiast’s wish to get up close to their dream car. Held at the Colorado Convention Center, the auto show holds many of the top manufacturers around the world and displays production as well as futuristic concept cars. Some of the biggest attractions were the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10, the concept Audi R8, and the Lamborghini Gallardo. Most of the cars can be handled and sat in so there are a lot of chances to check out the interior of the cars. Including the manufacturers, there are several special exhibits within the auto show. Toyota’s Highway to the Future feels like a museum, including information on alternative fuel and has a driving simulation with tips to maximize fuel efficiency. Also, Continental has a simulator that shows the future of car safety in its mobile exhibit. Every car and exhibit at the auto show is amazing. Anyone who likes cars or wants to have a great time can come by and visit the Denver International Auto Show.