Half Magic, a classic!


Davis Anderson writes, Have you ever dreamed of traveling through time?

Have you ever dreamed of traveling through time? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to talk to your pet and have them talk back. Well Martha, Mark, Jane, and Kathryn all wanted those things, and in a way, they got them. We always here of those old classic tales that look old and boring! Well, Edward Eager’s Half Magic is anything but boring! The story takes place in the 1920, but it is still a funny and witty adventure. It all starts on a regular summer day, the four children are all out playing when Jane (the eldest) come across a nickel. Soon, the children realize that the nickel is a magical charm. This magic charm can grant them half their wish! With this newly found magic, the children start going on lots of fun adventures, and some not so fun. I have read and reread this wonderful tale. Magic and book lovers will want to read it at one time. So gather around for a family treat that is fun, witty, and a magical adventure for the whole family!