Kim Possible kicks into PS2


Vikasini Mahalingam writes, There’s a new game out, and it packs a real punch.

There’s a new game out, and it packs a real punch. Disney, and buena vista’s Kim Possible: What’s the switch, for play station 2, is here. You can become armed to fight evil. In the first level of the game, Ron Stoppable and Dr. Drackken switch places because of the mysterious monkey idol, at the end of that level, The monkey idol falls into the hands of the feindish Dr. Dimentor. You assume the role of Kim, Sheigo, and of course, the adorable, Rufus! If you want to battle with a friend, you can play double player mode and take tuns fighting bad guys. On the extras screen, you can also play mini games against your friend (only possible with two controlers.) You can do many tricks and kicks to fight people. So many, that it would be hard to list them all, thats why, whenever you are ready to learn a new trick, the screen will teach you how to do it. Thankfully, this game will suit all players because it is rated E for everyone. With you as Kim Possible, Dr. Dimentor doesn’t stand a chance!