Making Tracks


Leslee Smith writes, Making TracksBy Leslee SmithLooking for an exciting family adventure?

Making TracksBy Leslee SmithLooking for an exciting family adventure? Dinosaur Ridge, located in Morrison, Colorado, is just that. There are at least seven species of dinosaur footprints for you to observe with friends and family along with much more prehistoric fun. Clare Marshall, a geologist at Dinosaur Ridge definitely recommends Dinosaur Ridge as a fun learning experience for children and adults of all ages. The tracks are found right on the hillside and are millions are years old. Beth Simmons, a 12 year volunteer at Dinosaur Ridge says, “When kids see the prints, they realize that dinosaurs lived and walked on the earth that our houses and businesses are on now.” There are tons of activities that children and adults can do at Dinosaur Ridge all year long. May 5, 2007 is Boy Scout Day at Dinosaur Ridge.Boys get an opportunity to earn different awards as well as pick up a lot of cool information. Last year about 1,500 boys showed up for this fantastic event. Sixty scientists are stationed all over the Ridge, to help the boys to earn their awards. Feeling a little left out girls? There’s a day for you too; Girl Scout Day. Last year 1,300 Girl Scouts came. These are awesome learning experiences and they are fun too. All year long there are neat activities, right in Denver’s backyard.The dinosaur footprints were discovered in 1937 and people used to just walk up to the side of the hill to observe them. Now at Dinosaur Ridge there is a Visitor Hall as well as many trials and observatories. Clare Marshall explains that a new center, the Mesozoic Trek, will hopefully be open in October 2007. There also will be changes made to the Visitor Hall. No matter how the Ridge will change, it will still be the ultimate prehistoric adventure. So grab your walking shoes and head down to Dinosaur Ridge.