Marble Madness: Just Another Marble Game?


Chris Porto writes, Kororinpa: Marble Madness is a game the Wii game system was meant to use.

Kororinpa: Marble Madness is a game the Wii game system was meant to use. The game uses the whole range of motion available from the Wii Remote and anyone can pick up and play this and have fun. While the game is plastered with rainbow-colored stages and bright, bold marble designs, the game is still a lot fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family.The point of the game is to navigate your marble through various obstacles, collecting crystals, and reaching the goal. What separates Kororinpa from other puzzle/maze games is that instead of controlling the marble, the player tilts the level to move across.To pass the levels of Kororinpa, it takes quick reflexes and even quicker thinking. Some levels tilt the board so much that that it’s hard to even tell the floor from the sides! A great sense of accomplishment is felt when a level that has a marble flying through the air is finally figured out. These level designs are what take Kororinpa to the next level.Another aspect of Kororinpa is its collection of marbles. Of the 20 marbles available, there are crazy and awkward styles. Each marble has its own weight, level of difficulty, and any other extras unique to that ball. For example, marbles like the panda or pig make animal sounds when they roll. The level of difficulty shows easy, intermediate, or hard. Easy marbles are easy to control and yet slow to accelerate. Intermediate marbles are fast and bouncy, and hard marbles are heavy and very fast, making them slippery around turns. It’s always fun to try the crazy marble designs like the “rugby ball”, just for the added dimension of each level.Those 20 marbles can be played on any map, so there are 20 different ways to play each of the many levels. That’s almost an infinite replay value, and the multiplayer will just add to that. With all of these great features to this game, Kororinpa: Marble Madness is a new way to play classic marble games. I give it a 7.5/10.