Writing Across Colorado, the Next Generation


Joanna Schumacher writes, Do you enjoy writing?

Do you enjoy writing? Do you like to share your work with others your own age? Is reading others’ writing pieces, something you enjoy as well? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then nextgen.yourhub.com is the place for you!Nextgen.yourhub.com is a wonderful community for young inspiring writers in Colorado, as well as readers! Set up very similar to the actual Yourhub.com, it has a user friendly set up for publishing your work and photos on the website and even organizes all of the items you posted. NextGen also has special sections for blogs, events going on in Colorado, and all the stories on the website. You, as the writer/reporter, can also fill in your own profile with things, like your hobbies.NextGen is a safe and great website, made just for the next generation! Any young writer in 4th to 8th grade in Colorado, can register. Registering is easy, all you have to do is print off a form and send it in. That way the website community can stay just full of cool kids. Whether you love to write about events, your pets, sports, creative stories, or poems, nextgen.yourhub.com allows you to do this. The awesome thing about it, is that you can read all the other wonderful pieces posted by kids all over Colorado, and post positive and constructive comments. Personally, my favorite part about it, is that your work is viewed by other writers, who can give you great feedback. I have been using nextgen.yourhub.com ever since it started up and I love it! Reading the other writer’s stories is very entertaining, and even helps me grow as a writer by seeing everyone’s technique. I’ve also noticed that I’m even more inspired to finish and post my writing now, than before when, I didn’t use NextGen.I would definitely recommend the website to any inspiring writer, or even for just readers, who would love to check it out. Who knows, it might even make you want to be a writer in the positive, fun, and creative community!