“THE KILLING SEA” by Richard Lewis


Justin Wahl writes, The Killing Sea is a great novel about an island that drowned in a tsunami…

The Killing Sea is a great novel about an island that drowned in a tsunami, and two teenagers that survived who are looking for separated family members. The novel was written by Richard Lewis, who had been a volunteer relief worker after the tsunami from 2004. This novel is about Ruslan, a local 16-year-old island boy, and Sarah, an American 16-year-old tourist girl, working together to survive the after-math of an unexpected, devastating tsunami. “Ruslan slipped away from the café and the curious onlookers. He began to run, not knowing exactly why, but instinct making him head away from the sea… And in the distance, along the seafront of Ujung Karang, screams rose from a hundred, a thousand mouths.” page 20. “Ruslan sprinted up the lane, dodging around slower runners. From behind him came a sound like a thousand bulldozers at full throttle, ripping through buildings and grinding them up. He glanced over his shoulder. A tremendous wall of black water had swept onto the south side of the peninsula, and another onto the north, both submerging not only buildings but also coconut palms. The two walls collided with a deafening thunder clap that dwarfed the grinding roar. White spray erupted hundreds of feet high.” Page 27. Sarah is on a vacation that she had never intended to go on, but her dad had talked her into. She was not enjoying herself, especially after the tsunami struck! Now she must search for her lost parents, and while trying to find doctors for her wounded brother! In the begining, Ruslan leads a pretty normal life. He has a job as a waiter at a café, a dad who works as a mechanic, and lives in a normal neighborhood. But that sense of being normal is all about to wash away. In the end, his dad left to visit relatives right before the tsunami washed in, leaving Ruslan to search for his dad… …or at least the relatives his dad never got to. This book was full of excitement, it was a real page-turner! In conclusion, I would recomend this book to all teenagers.