Rubik’s Revolutionary New Twist on a Classic


Jarratt Townsend writes, The Rubik’s Revolution Game Cube is Electronic.

The Rubik’s Revolution Game Cube is Electronic. This Game Cube has six fun and exciting games to play. The six games include Multiple Challenging levels, Speed games, Brain Teasers and Single and Multi-Player games. All of the games involve fast hands and fast thinking. When you first turn on the game cube it will tell you all of the different games that you will be able to play.The six different colors represent different games to play. Here is an over-view of the all of the games and a description of how to play it.Light Speed is blue. This game challenges you to look for the lit up color and press it before your time is up. The more you get the less time you have to find the next color. It gives you a score by how many you get before your time is up.Rapid Recharge is Yellow. This game challenges you to charge up the colors that are lit up without over-charging them. To charge them up press the lit up color continuously, then you can move on to the next color. The object of this game is to light up the entire cube.Pattern Panic is green. This game involves fast thinking and fast responses to what you hear. This game to me is a Brain Teaser game. What you have to do is Memorize the pattern that it tells you, and then you have to quickly press the right colors in order on the cube. As the levels get higher the more colors that are added to the next pattern. This is a good game to help you exercise your brain.Cube Catcher is Silver. This is a fun and exciting game that involves quick hand movements. Cube Catcher is fun but it gets harder as the levels increase. With this game you start with some colors lit up, and then you have thirty seconds to press them so that they turn off. As you turn more of them off, more come on. After thirty seconds the cube will then give u a percentage as to how well you did. The levels increase as your time decreases. Multi-player Madnessis red. This game is meant for more than one player. You have to be fast so that everyone gets the same amount of time. The game that is played is like Light Speed. After you press the color that is lit up then you have to be quick and pass the cube to the next player. The object of this game is to find the lit up color before your time is up. If you don’t get the color within the time frame then you are out.Code Cracker is orange. This game is mainly about making decisions. The cube starts out with no lights and your job is to try and “Crack the Code”. If you press the right color it will stay lit, if not the cube will beep. If the color stays lit you pick another color and if it stays lit it is correct. If you press the wrong color you will have to start over and press the correct colors in order. The object of this game is to light up the whole cube. If you “Crack the Code” then the cube will tell you how long it took you to solve the code. I recommend this game to anyone from ages 5-100! This is a fun and exciting game for the whole family.