Depression:is it for you?


Sanket Rajopadhye writes, Are You Depressed?

Are You Depressed?Find out by reading the book “When Nothing Matters Anymore” This book tells you everything you need to know about depression. It lists everything from famous people with depression to different kinds of diseases that are associated with depression. This book even includes a questionnaire that allows you to find out if you are depressed by answering a few simple questions. If your parents ever tell you that you look down in the dumps, tell them to be lucky that you aren’t depressed. This book is divided into 7 simple chapters. Chapter 1 is called “what’s wrong” This chapter explains how to know if you are depressed. This chapter also tells the reader about interesting facts about depression and famous people with depression. Apart from that, this chapter also gives you a quiz to find out if you are depressed. Chapter 2 is called “Types of Depression” This chapter lists and describes different types of depression. This chapter starts off looking a t major depression, then it gives the story of a girl named Angey who had a type of major depression. This chapter also talks about diseases such as Dysthymia, and bipolar disorder. To wrap it up, this chapter tells the story of Amber who is a girl who has bipolar disease. Chapter 3 is called “How Depression effects your Brain” This chapter explains the psychological reasoning behind depression. It also lists the causes to depression, and gives to story of a man named David. David has major depression and his story tells how it was passed down from family history. Chapter 4 is called “Drugs, Alcohol, and Depression” This chapter explains how certain things effect depression and what you can do to stop it. It also lists what drugs and alcohol do to you when you use them when you have depression. It also tells the story of a girl named Heidi who used drugs and alcohol and was able to treat her depression by getting help. It also tells the difference between an addiction and abuse of alcohol or drugs. Chapter 5 is called “Depression and Suicide” This chapter explains how depression can lead up to more severe things and what you can do to prevent suicide. This chapter includes great things such as emergency contact numbers and help hotline numbers. This gives some signs that someone will try to commit suicide and what to do if someone threatens to commit suicide. Chapter 6 is called ” Who and What can Help” This chapter explains which resources can help you get out of depression. It also gives a detailed list of what types of people to depending on your symptoms and gives examples of different kinds of therapy that can help. Chapter 7 is called “How to Stay Well” This chapter explains what you can do after you get help. This chapter gives ideas for stay strong which give you life techniques about how to cope with depressions. It also lets you know how you can help others can do to help someone who has depression. Not only does this book tell you that what you can do for yourself, but what you can do if you want to help a friend who is in trouble. This is a great book, and you don’t only have to be depressed. If you just want some information about depression, this is a great book for you.