Magnificent Manitou Springs, Adventure Awaits


Joanna Schumacher writes, The area of Manitou Springs…

The area of Manitou Springs, COLORADO- Boarding the vibrant red train you wonder what awaits you at the top of Pikes Peak. Passing beautiful waterfalls, forest, rock formations, and wildlife, the train chugs along unhurried. You feel the cool refreshing air and snow appears on the ground; you are approaching the 14,110 foot summit. Once there, you see the awesome view that has been admired since it was first climbed in 1820. Astounded, you sit down for some hot chocolate and world famous donuts.”I would definitely suggest people visit, you saw the ride yourself!” said Jon Prince an engineer at the Cog Railway.I did indeed experience the ride myself. The area of Manitou Springs has so many awesome attractions that are great for the whole family. Pikes Peak is just one of these cool attractions. Choose to drive up or the Cog Railway the view will be intriguing for everyone. “We’ve been before, this time we came back with our son,” said the Nolte Family from Florida.While visiting, I also went to the Seven Falls. Cascading 181 feet, this waterfall is beautiful. At night, it is illuminated with glowing colors of the rainbow. Its quite the view at night, day, from the bottom, or the stairs taking you to the top.Manitou also has their very own Anasazi cliff dwellings. What’s really cool about visiting there, is that you are free to explore and go inside the neat structures. Also, if you’re up for a beautiful day in the outdoors, bring a picnic and take your family for a walk or hike through the beautiful Garden of the Gods. This is a priceless adventure through amazing scenery, and its free!Attractions around Manitou range anywhere from free to $30 per person. It’s a place where you’ll never run out of great activities to do. For more information and even more attractions visit: Kid friendly rating: 5 out 5.