What the heck are manatees?


Rachel Faulkner writes, Have you ever heard of a manatee?

Have you ever heard of a manatee? Like, what exactly is a manatee? Manatees are often called seacows because they are like gentle giants. They live in the Florida coastline, but they can be found in rivers as well. They are greyish and have large tails that propell them through the water. Manatees eat lots of plants but rumors are flying that manatees eatfish in Jamaica. A manatee baby is called a calf, and is born about three feet long. They live about twenty to thirty years and weigh just under a thousand pounds. Manatees are indangered, so if you feel like donating, please check out the many manatee websites. I reccomend www.savethemanateeclub.com, and trust me, it is worth donating money for these gentle giants.


  1. I LOVE manatees!
    I LOVE manatees! They are THE best animals EVER and it is sooooo sad they are dying out.

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